WD-40® Specialist® High Performance White Lithium Grease

This High Performance Lithium Grease spray provides great protection for heavy-duty, metal-to-metal applications. It can be used outdoors regardless of weather and temperature.

Our thick water-resistant formula won’t drip or run, and stays where it’s applied through all kinds of weather. It’s ideal for use on automotive connections such as towbars, gear and brake mechanisms, and CV joints. It’s also great for using on gardening tools, and will keep them in great working order season after season.

Use our white lithium grease spray to keep things moving smoothly and free of friction and seizing. You can also use it as a preventative, to protect against rust and corrosion.
What High Performance Lithium Grease does: provides great long-term lubrication, won’t drip or run thanks to high viscosity formula, works well under extreme pressure, reduces friction and wear, lubricates metal to metal applications, water and heat resistant, great for outdoor use

Use High Performance Lithium Grease for: lubricating motor pivot points, smooth runnings of bearings, winches and conveyors, lubricating pistons, tracks and runners, maintaining cables and chains, lubricating water pumps, lubricating gears and brakes, maintaining latches and hinges, protecting gardening tools from rust and wear, protecting towbars for trailers/caravans

200 ml
Pieces per pack



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