High temperature silicone sealant for gaskets ALTECO (GREY)


Weight 85gr

  • Operating temperature range from -62° C to 343° C.
  • It is used to seal the cover and crankcase, pallets, intake manifold, thermostat, valve cover, the cover of gearboxes, differentials, water pumps.
  • For flange connections, which require a significant tightening effort.
  • Resistant to oils and antifreeze, it does not damage the sensors, and does not cause corrosion.
  • It provides durable waterproof uplotneanie that remains flexible, does not crack, does not crumble and does not dry out.
  • Wear-resistant. It provides a strong grip. Resistant to pressure and vibration.
  • If you use should take into account the temperature conditions during repair work, if work is carried out in a cold room, a place to be treated should be heated to at least 18° C!