Two-component epoxy adhesives Poxilina


POXILINA® – is a two-component epoxy mass


Volume: 70g / 250g



  •  POXILINA® used to fill cavities, seal surfaces of different shapes and glue objects of any thickness
  •  It has limitless applications in the household and in the modeling.
  •  It is ideal for repairing leaking pipes and leaky tanks.
  •  Dries in 10 minutes, and after an hour hardness of a metal like is achieved.
  •  It can then drill, hammer nails in it, cut it and paint.
  •  Suitable for bonding objects of any thickness, does stay on a vertical surfaces, is resistant to acids and solvents.
  •  Does not loose its properties over time.
  •  Has a very good temperature resistance.
  •  Does not adversely affect either the cold or heat, or water.
  •  It is used as cold, has a consistency of a plastic mass and after binding hardness metal like is obtained.
  •  After 1 hour, it can be sawn, drilled and machined with hand tools.
  •  Does not shrink, extend or expound. Good electrical insulator, does not contain solvents.