Two-component glue for all surfaces Poxipol


POXIPOL® – two component gluing product for all surfaces, simple to prepare and use.



  • POXIPOL®  metallic  14ml (21g)  / 70ml (108g)
  • POXIPOL®  transparent  14ml (16g)  / 70ml (82g)



  •  Glues different materials (metal, cement, ceramic, wood, marble, plastic (except polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE), glass, concrete, granite, porcelain) and different surfaces.
  •  This material creates optimum consistency for stuffing, reconstruction, restoration and enhancement.
  • Applied easily as regular pasta, and hardens as metal.
  • The layer can be any thickness.
  • Time drying – approximately 10 minutes.
  • Fills the formed emptiness and smoothes.
  • POXIPOL® does not flow on a vertical surface.
  • Contains no solvents. Not combustible.
  •  POXIPOL® does not contain solvents. It is very easy to work with.
  •  Does not drain away even from the pediment surfaces.
  •  Does not contract, expand and deform.
  •  After the glue hardens, the place of gluing can be drilled, polished and sawed with ordinary tools.
  •  Withstands the temperature up to 120° C.


Ideal for use:

  • in the home;
  • in the garden;
  • workshop;
  • performing the works of repair of the car;
  • in the manufacture of handicrafts.


POXIPOL® will become your new indispensable assistant in a workshop, on the road, at work.


Door hinges or tool handles can be glued with the help of POXIPOL®. It also can fix the defects on the tabletops made of marble, granite or wood, the wash-bowl and sink cracks, the roughness of metal or aluminum templets. It will as well come in handy while thread cutting, making press moulds and maquettes.