In everyday life we quite often can face such tasks as to repair a car, various gear, furniture, toys, sports equipment, glassware… well, everything can break and get unstuck. A two component adhesive Poxipol can fix every item you need. It glues a wide range of materials: metal, concrete, faience, wood, marble, glass, reinforced and fiber-reinforced concrete, ceramics, granite, porcelain.

Poxipol will become your new indispensable assistant in a workshop, on the road, at work. The producer claims even door hinges or tool handles can be glued with the help of Poxipol. It also can fix the defects on the tabletops made of marble, granite or wood, the wash-bowl and sink cracks, the roughness of metal or aluminum templets. It will as well come in handy while thread cutting, making press moulds and maquettes.

The packing contains two tubes. Before the utilisation you should mix the same amount of each component until the paste assumes the homogeneous tint. After you apply the glue, fix the surfaces for 10 minutes by tightly holding the pieces together. The set also contains the ‘self-cleaning’ tray for mixing: do not discard it after you finish – it can be used again and again if you clean the pieces of hardened glue down.

Poxipol does not contain solvents. It is very easy to work with. Does not drain away even from the pediment surfaces. Does not contract, expand and deform. After the glue hardens, the place of gluing can be drilled, polished and sawed with ordinary tools. Withstands the temperature up to 120° C.

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